Native American Heritage Month

Every Thanksgiving in the U.S., people acknowledge the interaction between the pilgrims and the Indians, and their cooperation during those first years. Since August 3, 1990, the month of November has been recognized as National American Indian Heritage Month. This is a time to recognize the rich cultural heritage, history and essential contributions American Indians have made in the United States.

Many people celebrate American Indian Heritage Month with ceremonies, programs and activities that honor the historical and present day status of Native American heritage, including their tribal governments and culture, traditions, and languages. Native Americans have been responsible for many cultural customs and practices, including agricultural development of many of the foods we consider essential to our Thanksgiving celebrations, such as the mandatory mashed potatoes.

Native American Indians are the descendants of the native, indigenous, aboriginal people who were the original inhabitants living in the United States before other countries “explored” it, long before Christopher Columbus “found” it by accident. Through their contributions to medicine, language, agriculture, music and art, there are many things to celebrate about the Native American spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors and scholars.

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