National Wise Health Consumer Month Raises Awareness on Physician Choice

February brings National Wise Health Consumer month, an awareness program designed to help Americans take charge of their own health care. The concept is to get people to consider the idea of reducing the cost of their healthcare by shopping doctors or even negotiating lower costs for services. Healthy living shouldn’t have to be expensive.

Many Americans don’t think about questioning the cost of health care charges when it’s possible to do just that. Hospitals routinely negotiate charges with patients. All it takes is a phone call, a polite conversation and asking what options are available. A similar courtesy may be available at the doctor’s office as well.

The idea of taking charge of one’s own health care costs is one that intrigues me. While I’m in good health and only go to a doctor on occasion, I do sometimes feel that the charges I pay for my health care are on the high side. To me, it’s worth taking action by asking if there are ways to reduce my costs. Even though I have health insurance, I still have to pay out of pocket for some services. Getting those costs lowered leaves me with more money in the long run.

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