National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Our community’s blood supply is all around us. It is in hospitals, blood banks and even in delivery vehicles passing through our neighborhoods. Just like in our bodies, donated blood has a circulation of its own when making its way to people in need of a blood transfusion. January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month, not the same as the American Red Cross’s National Blood Donor Month, and represents the challenges communities have finding volunteers to donate blood.

Besides knowing you are helping the community, there are other benefits to donating blood. Did you know that you can help improve your heart health by donating blood regularly? Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. The disease occurs when your blood become thick and sticky, causing friction through blood vessels. Donating blood helps reduce the blood viscosity, thus reducing your risks.

Volunteer donors must be at least seventeen years of age, be in good health and weigh more than one hundred and ten pounds. Volunteers can donate every 56 days when giving whole blood, or every 28 days when just donating plasma. Platelet donors can donate every seven days, but no more than 24 times a year.

Join me in helping out the community by donating blood during the National Volunteer Blood Donor Month.

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