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Interesting Facts About Tickling For National Tickling Month

If you’ve been feeling grim there’s no need to worry. National tickling month is here so surprise your friends who don’t know what month it is and get ready for some tickles and laughter. In honor of national tickling month try not to giggle at these fun and interesting facts about tickling.

  • Tickling is your body’s unconscious reaction to a soft touch.
  • Studies have shown that laughing is good for you.
  • Knismesis is a lighter form of tickling. This can be self-induced because it does not come from surprise.
  • Gargalesis is caused by repeated pressure to the ticklish area. This type of tickling can only be caused by another person because it needs to be unexpected.
  • Tickling has been labeled as one of the highest forms of social play due to the cognitive interaction involved.
  • Tickling is a great activity for bonding whether it is between a child and parent or with someone of mutual consent.

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