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Tune In For National Radio Day

National Radio Day

Tomorrow Is National Radio Day

Now that we have smart TVs, smart phones, and the internet, the radio doesn’t seem that miraculous anymore. There was a time, though, (the late 1800s, specifically) when radio was a total game changer. With this communication medium, it became possible to spread messages and share music to huge amounts of people quickly and clearly.

The telephone had been invented just a couple of decades before, but with the advent of the age of radio we gained the ability to communicate not just to individual households, but to entire groups of people!

To celebrate this amazing invention, August 20th has been named as National Radio Day. Remembering this day is simple: just tune into your favorite radio station or radio talk show! Even in our digital age of mp3s and online streaming, the airwaves make it easy for you to hop in your car and have music playing for you right away, so why not support radio by listening to your favorite stations tomorrow?

Ironically, I got my start in the industry 20 years ago as a talk radio host.  It was some of the finest moments in my professional career.  To paint pictures with words, to interview newsmakers, celebrities and to take calls from the listeners was utterly amazing.  I had the privilege to be a host on one of the biggest talk radio stations in the country, to serve as a host on NPR, to have my program in Sacramento and be a part of the goings on in the Capitol of my state was exhilarating.

Unfortunately, syndication and corporate gobbling as well as the recession in 2008 took radio away from me but I will always remember my time on the airwaves fondly.

As you’re turning in on National Radio Day, don’t forget to revisit your favorite The Maria Sanchez Show podcasts!

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