Let’s Discover How We Can Keep Our Pets Safe from Fire Danger on National Pet Fire Safety Day

Let’s Discover How We Can Keep Our Pets Safe from Fire Danger on National Pet Fire Safety Day

Join us in protecting our pets with these tips for National Pet Fire Safety Day.

Where would we be without our beloved pets?  They’re referred to as our furry family, our two or four-legged forever friends, unconditionally loving and accepting members of our tribe, and stress relievers on top of it all!  We love our pets. They’re an extension of our families, and we’d do anything to protect them. Something we weren’t aware of and we thought you might not be as well is that pets, however, cause house fires far too often. Let’s work to keep our pets and our home safe from fire danger on National Pet Fire Safety Day on July 15. Here are a few safety recommendations to help keep pet fire danger to a minimum.

Use Caution Around Open Flames.

From candles to stove tops to barbecues, it’s important to always keep a watchful eye on open flames, especially around pets.  It’s suggested that we extinguish open flames when we’re not around and keep our pets far away from any flames.

Be Wary of the Stove.

Invest in covers for stove knobs. Accidents involving pets and house fires often include the stove. By protecting our stoves, we will be protecting our pets and our personal property as well.

Fire Escape Plans are in Order.  Discuss who in a home is responsible for helping a pet e

This is also a terrific opportunity to work on some practice fire escape drills. There are numerous suggestions about how to pet proof our homes against fires.  Additionally, let’s have a conversation about who will be responsible for helping a pet escape in the event of a blaze?

Finally, we’d like to suggest that a pet alert notice is in place, on a window for use by emergency services.  It is designed to let our first responders know that there are “X” amount of animals in our home and to be on the lookout for them as well.

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