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Make The Most Of Your Meals This Month

Celebrate National Nutrition Month With These Powerful Food Combos

We know that eating right is a key component of healthy living, but sometimes making the right food decisions can feel like too much work with too little pleasure. Fortunately, we can show you how to get the most nutrients from our food so we can properly celebrate National Nutrition Month this March. If we try eating healthy for just this month, odds are high we will feel so much better we will continue the trend as it will hopefully become a lifestyle choice and not an obligation.

There are a few food pairings that can help maximize our nutrition since the elements in these foods work with each other to fuel our bodies. For a powerfully healthy meal, may we suggest that you try these combinations?

  • Red Pepper + Chickpeas: The Vitamin C in red peppers helps our body process the iron in chickpeas.
  • Tomato + Olive Oil: The lycopene in tomatoes can help prevent sun damage to our skin, and the healthy fats in olive oil help our body absorb it.
  • Yogurt + Ground Flaxseed: Yogurt delivers probiotics—the healthy bacteria our stomachs need—while flaxseed provides prebiotics, meaning food for the probiotics to feed on so they can thrive.

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