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Make Health a Priority – Learn How to Eat a Well-Balanced Diet for National Nutrition Month

How to Eat a Well-Balanced Diet for National Nutrition Month

Here are some options to lead a healthy lifestyle for National Nutrition Month.

Our health is important. Leading a healthy lifestyle helps us to enjoy life better. However, with chronic health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity on the rise, it’s important to take control of our health. Eating a well-balanced diet can help to give us the nutrients that we need as well as help us maintain a healthy waistline. We would like to suggest these ways to assist us in eating a well-balanced diet for National Nutrition Month.

Get Colorful.

When making a plate of food, look to add plenty of color… Natural color that is. It is suggested to add a variety of plants to our diet. From leafy greens to fresh fruits to legumes, there are all sorts of plant items that we can add to our plates.

Pair Protein & Fiber.

When it comes to meal times, it’s important to choose foods that can help us feel full. While we may be eating the right food, sometimes we’re left feeling hungry. Help to keep our tummies satisfied by combining fibrous foods with high protein foods so that we’re better able to keep our appetites in check.  Fiber is a great way to keep our systems moving, as well as to allow us to be satisfied sooner than empty calories provide.  There are lots of high fiber options available now to supplement what might have been low in fiber.  Tortillas and rice are a few items that come to mind.  Usually they used to be highly processed and white.  Now there are high fiber alternatives that make them a better choice for our life and our lifestyle.

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