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Take Advantage of National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month

This January, think about how you could give back by participating in National Mentoring Month.

For over a decade, January has been recognized as National Mentoring Month. The goal of this designation is to encourage more mentorship relationships that benefit youth in the United States.

National Mentoring Month aims to raise awareness about the different forms mentorship can take, encourage individuals to get involved because there are waiting lists of kids and teens needing mentors, and engage organizations who can help with this process.

We appreciate folks taking time out of their lives to participate in a child or teen’s life and that this is an exceedingly valuable use of our time.  We can take advantage of National Mentoring Month by becoming mentors. We’d like to suggest that you can get more information by logging on to the official National Mentoring Month webpage, you can use their search functionality to find kids near you who are looking for a mentor. By becoming a mentor, please understand that you’re helping to increase the young person’s likelihood of enrolling in college, participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and taking leadership roles!

How will you get involved in National Mentoring Month? The Maria Sanchez Show applauds you for looking for ways to benefit local kids and teens, because they’re tomorrow’s leaders!

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