National Marrow Awareness Month

People who contract diseases such as lymphoma, leukemia and other life threatening conditions including different forms of anemia often find themselves in need of it.

What we’re talking about is Bone Marrow, and on the next edition of The Maria Sanchez Show the topic of discussion is going to be about the need to raise awareness about bone marrow transplants, and the fact that National Marrow Awareness month is fast approaching.

November 1st kicks off this important national event and how simple it really is to find out if you can become a marrow donor. As explained on the Colby Foundation website, the procedure to find out if you are eligible to be a marrow donor is as simple as a simple swabbing of your inner cheek.

There are going to be efforts across the country to not only raise awareness, but also specific campaigns for specific segments of the population such as the 4th Annual African American Bone Marrow Awareness Campaign.

John Frierson is a Detroit native who started the annual event after he had donated his own marrow to help save the life of a needy little boy, and founded A Bone Marrow Wish Organization, which is celebrating 10 years of promoting education through awareness and savings lives.

Now it’s your turn to get involved and help raise awareness for bone marrow awareness. To find out more on this important awareness issue and find out what you can do to help just tune into the Maria Sanchez Show.

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