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Spread The Love On National Loving Day

National Loving Day

Commemorate A Watershed Moment Today

National Loving Day sounds like a pleasant day. After all, we could all use the reminders to spread a little extra love!

In fact, though, Loving Day is not named after the emotion but after two brave Americans. In 1958, Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving were, well, in love. However, Richard was white and Mildred was black.  Unfortunately, there were laws against interracial marriage that prevented them from starting their life together in their home state of Virginia.

It was legal in Washington D.C. so Mildred and Richard went to DC and got married and then returned home to Virginia to live their lives as husband and wife.

Unfortunately, in Virginia, it was also illegal to go to DC and get married and then be married in Virginia so one evening they were arrested and taken to jail and charged with being married.

The judge found them guilty but told them he’d suspend their sentence if they agreed to leave the state.  They decided to move to Washington DC but encountered all kinds of racism while they were there.

Eventually the ACLU took up their case and through a series of appeals it finally landed in front of the United States Supreme Court who found unanimously for them and thus for others to marry interracially.

An interesting anecdote about interracial marriage is that in 1948, the California State Supreme Court rules that a ban on inter-racial marriage was a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment and thus became the first state to recognize that bans on inter-racial marriages violated our Constitution.

Today, we celebrate National Loving Day on June 12th to remember this important victory and fight the racial prejudices that still exist. Loving Day provides us the opportunity to break down barriers and work towards a loving (get it?) multicultural community! Check for Loving Day celebrations in your city or town today and attend them to work towards a prejudice-free world.

Happy National Loving Day from the entire team at The Maria Sanchez Show. We hope that you will come alongside us as we work towards creating connections in our multicultural communities.


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