Pet Your Pooch – Tomorrow is National Dog Day!

Pet Your Pooch - Tomorrow is National Dog Day!

We’re happy to be celebrating National Dog Day with our fellow dog lovers tomorrow!

If you’re a dog person, you’re probably thrilled to learn that tomorrow is National Dog Day. If you’re looking for ideas to help celebrate with our four-legged family member(s), we’ve got a few to get you started.

  • Donate toys, blankets, and/or food to the local shelter.
  • Have a photo shoot with your dog – and reward him or her with a treat!
  • Get all your friends’ dogs together for a pooch party.  My neighbors do so every evening (I’m in class) at 5:30 and they call it “Yappy Hour.”
  • Volunteer at a local shelter.
  • Groom your dog. Don’t forget to trim his or her nails!  As a relatively new dog owner, I didn’t realize that their nails need to be trimmed.  I thought that our 2 to 3 miles a day would do so naturally.  NOT so!  I now take Miss Millie to the local national pet store and they clip or sand her nails for $10 – $14.  Well worth the investment, even though I don’t get my own nails manicured!
  • Call the local senior center and see if they welcome pets for a visit. If so, bring your four-legged friend down to spread some love!
  • Play an extra-long game of fetch.
  • Take your dog on a hike or to the beach.
  • Go to the pet store and let your pooch “pick out” a new treat or toy.
  • Foster a dog.  That’s how I discovered Miss Millie.  Her foster mom was walking her with her forever dog in my parent’s neighborhood.  One two separate days, at two different times, in two different locations, I ran into Miss Millie’s foster mommy.  When I asked if I could pick her up, Millie closed her eyes and put her head on my neck.  It was love at first sight!

Happy National Dog Day from The Maria Sanchez Show!

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