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It’s National Boy Scouts Day – Scout’s Honor!

It's National Boy Scouts Day - Scout's Honor!

February 8th is National Boy Scouts Day in honor of its founding in 1910.

Over a century ago today, a stack of papers was filed that would change the lives of generations of young men. On February 8th, 1910, William Dickson Boyce – a Chicago publisher – went to Washington D.C. to submit the incorporation papers that would create the Boy Scouts of America.

Since then, scout troops have become centers for boys to learn life skills and build values. Millions of youth members participate in community service through the Boy Scouts, and over a million participate in outdoor adventures. For over a century, the Boy Scouts of America has invested in the lives of young men, building character and encouraging social responsibility.

The Boy Scouts have an interesting tie to space exploration that surprised us. Over 50 percent of NASA astronauts were involved in Scouting! For decades, the Boy Scouts of America has been helping young men chase their dreams – even into outer space!

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The back story of the Boy Scouts of America has roots in the British Boy Scouts organization which was created in 1908 after the success of the book Scouting for Boys by Robert Baden-Powell.

On a foggy day in London, an American newspaper man became lost when a Boy Scout came to is assistance. With the boy’s guidance, Boyce arrived at his destination. When Boyce offered payment for the assistance, the Boy Scout refused explaining it was a good deed.

Boyce was inspired to organize similar youth groups into one organization. On February 8, 1910, Boyce filed papers of incorporation, and the Boy Scouts of America was born.


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