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June Is National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Millions Of Shelter Cats Need You To Help!

During spring, the world bursts into life. That is true of cats, too, and thousands of kittens are born each spring. Unfortunately, many of them join the millions of cats that are already in shelters. To help them find a home, the American Humane Society has named June, National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

Here are just a few suggestions of ways we can get involved in this important month.

  • If we are considering adopting a cat, consider adopting two. Not only will this give another cat a home, but the two cats can rely on each other for social interaction while we are out of the house.
  • Use our social media platforms to spread the word about all of the shelter cats who need homes.
  • Donate time or money to the local shelter. They might be holding Adopt a Shelter Cat Month events with which we can help!
  • Sign up to be a foster parent for local cats.

Personally, a couple of years ago a girlfriend of mine was informed that a mommy kitty and her 4, 3 week old baby kittens were found abandoned in an alley.  Because the kittens were still nursing, my girlfriend took in the mommy and her litter.  The mommy kitty continued to nurse for 5 more weeks until the baby kittens could be weaned and placed for adoption.

Unfortunately, no one wanted the mangy, scrawny, unattractive mommy cat.  After the shelter had the mommy fixed, I fostered her.  We developed a lovely relationship, she gained the necessary weight, recovered from the surgery and began to show an adorable personality.

Another friend of mine lost his cat to old age but still had another one at home.  He wanted a forever cat to join his household and thus he adopted her from me and everyone is living happily thereafter!

We hope you get inspired by the month and adopt a cat if your home has room for another furry family member! The Maria Sanchez Show hopes you will help us spread the word about all of the shelter cats that need a loving home.

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