Must-Read Negotiation Tips for Women

woman smiling confidently at her interview

Here are some of the negotiation tips that might be of benefit to us.

Negotiation is difficult, no matter what it applies to.  As a woman, negotiations may be particularly difficult because society has traditionally been unkind to women who raise their voices and go after what they want.  However, the world is changing, and more and more people have started championing for equal rights and equitable treatment between the sexes.  Today, it’s important that women and men are strong and confident when it comes to negotiations.  Here are some suggestions that may improve our negotiation skills.

  • Set Expectations Early

When it comes to salary negotiations, it’s best to be frank and upfront about our expectations.  This way, our employers or potential employers know what we want from the get-go.  This will save us a lot of discomfort and give us a point of reference if an employer tries to low-ball us.  Experts recommend adding 10% to our target starting points, so we have room to go down a little.

  • Do Research

For those of us gearing up for a salary negotiation, it’s important that we walk in with a thorough understanding of the job market and what others in our fields are making.  This will allow us to adjust our expectations and likely ensures that we are not short-changing ourselves or going too high with our demands.

  • Be Willing to Walk Away

If an employer refuses to work with us and offer the salary that we deserve, then we need to be prepared to walk away.  When negotiating, it’s important that we have confidence in our abilities and do not accept less than what we are worth.  If we do this once, then our employers may realize that they have the upper hand and may continue to bulldoze us.  Rather than set this bad precedent, it’s better that we stay strong and know our value.

According to, never go first, always be respectful, counter offer, sleep on it, try a different angle, allow the other person silence to think, don’t answer our own questions, create urgency through deadlines, bring in a third party to facilitate the negotiation on our behalf, complete the negotiation on a high note, and create a call to action.

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