Mother’s Day: It’s the Thought That Counts

What does a mom enjoy on her special day of the year? That is a question that many are asking themselves and trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day this year. Mother’s Day is the one day that you can go all out and honor the mother in your life. She may be your own mother, your grandmother or the mother of your children.

What does a mom really appreciate though? Mothers adore nice gifts and fancy dinners, but more than that, much more than that they appreciate a gift from the heart. Fancy wrappings, store bought gifts and a dinner out at the best restaurant in town does not compare to the sentimental value that comes when gifts are given with love and much thought.

As a mother of four children Maria enjoys the simplest pleasures of being a mom and treasures it when her children give her a card with their handwritten expressions of their love for her. Breakfast in bed is also a treat, as it is a gift that is thoughtful and made with their own two hands.

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