Michel Shane Joins Maria Sanchez

It is fair to say that Michel Shane has been through hell. Shane is one of those men who will not allow his personal pain to shut him down though, to cut him off from doing something positive.

Although it’s been three years since Emily Shane, his 13-year-old daughter, was killed as she walked along the Pacific Coast Highway, Shane is still passionate about his next project: a film called “Blood Alley,” highlighting the dangers inherent to PCH.

As an executive producer for big-budget films like “Catch Me If You Can,” and “I, Robot,” Shane understands the power of film. He turned to the website Kickstarter as a way to raise funds for his movie. Kickstarter is a single site that allows people with projects in mind to present their ideas to the general public. In short, they seek crowdfunding from total strangers who are willing to donate money to a cause, project or business.

Shane’s cause must have touched a lot of people because by August 19 he had surpassed his goal of raising $35,000 for the film. In producing this movie, Shane is dedicated to preventing more unnecessary deaths along the PCH and other roads known to be dangerous.

To learn more about Kickstarter and Michel Shane’s odyssey, check out our podcast with him as he was near the deadline of his Kickstarter campaign which we posted on Friday, August 16th at

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