Meditation Tips for Stress Awareness Month

meditating and yoga on a mountain

How we can start meditating to relieve stress.

April is Stress Awareness Month.  A primary goal of this month is to encourage us to explore new ways of managing our stress. For those of us who haven’t tried mediation as a stress mitigation technique, now is the perfect time to test out this strategy.  Here are some suggestions to help us start meditating.

  • Focus on Breathing

To begin our meditation sessions, let’s focus on our physical, mental, and emotional states.  We can ask ourselves how our body feels, what state of mind we are in, and how we are feeling emotionally.  Once we have taken an inventory as to our current state, we can focus on our breathing to center our thoughts and guide ourselves away from our everyday anxieties and discomforts.  Counting our breaths is a great way to make our breathing patterns the center of our attention.  During this process, our minds will likely wander.  This is totally fine, and we cannot beat ourselves up over it.  When we notice this happening, we can calmly refocus on our breathing and, once again, try to clear our minds.

  • Begin This Process Slowly

Many people are surprised to learn that meditation requires practice and a considerable amount of focus.  This is because the act of meditation necessitates us to clear our minds, concentrate on our breathing, and slowly allow the various parts of our bodies to relax. When we are beginning, we may find it challenging to keep our thoughts and worries at bay. This is why we will benefit from scheduling our meditation sessions brief at first, about two minutes a day. As we get accustomed to the process of zeroing into our bodies’ needs and allowing our minds to clear, we can increase the time we spend meditating.

  • Explore Different Methods

When all is said and done, there is no one right way to meditate.  For those of us who find that the method mentioned above doesn’t work, we can seek other strategies for clearing our minds and centering ourselves. Ultimately, the goal of meditation is to give ourselves a physical and mental break from our stressors.  So, we can feel free to explore different meditation methods until we find the one that works best for us!

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