Measuring your Health: Apple Shape vs. Pear Shape

As a woman, I am aware of my physical appearance and fitness. Although we all want to look our best, it is also important to maintain our health and identify potential challenges to our overall wellbeing. Among the concerns we need to look at is our waist to height ratio.

Ideal Ratios

The ideal waist to height ratio for anyone is half the height of the body. For example, a woman who is 5 feet tall should maintain a waist that is 30 inches or less for optimal health. That means a woman with a natural pear shaped body is likely to have better health than a woman with an apple shape because her body naturally limits fat on the stomach.

Losing Belly Fat

The only way to get the best health is learning how to lose belly fat. Shed extra fat on our bellies by focusing on healthy eating habits and regular exercise. We should not limit our exercise routine to cardiovascular options. Rather, we should spend an equal amount of time working on muscle building, which will increase our natural metabolic rate.

Our physical appearances can help us determine where we need to make improvements to our health. To learn more about losing weight and getting healthy in Ventura County, tune into The Maria Sanchez Show.  I cover everything from health and wellness to current events and the latest news.

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