Lung Cancer Awareness Month

The mere mention of the word is enough to cause even the staunchest individual to look at what they accomplished in their lives and how much longer they have to do something with what’s left that could make a difference to others that find themselves with the same challenge.

The word is cancer, and it’s a disease that comes in many forms including cancer of the pancreas, prostate cancer, as well as colon and breast cancer, but there is one form of this deadly disease that afflicts more people than all of the others combined and that’s lung cancer.

The month of November is recognized as Lung Cancer Awareness month. According to the Lung Cancer Alliance website, this awareness campaign began in 1995.

How many people are affected by lung cancer? According to statistics gathered from the American Lung Association’s website, there was an increase in the amount of cancer deaths because of lung cancer.  The figures increased  approximately 4.3 percent between the years of 1999-2008.

The increase equated from 152,156 to 158,656, with men’s death rates reaching a plateau during those years, while the rate of women dying from lung cancer was still rising.

Some of the things you can do to get involved in promoting Lung Cancer Awareness Month include things like writing to congress to set aside more funding, set up an awareness event of your own, or donating to an organization raising money for the cure to lung cancer.

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