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Give Your Pooch a Smooch, It’s Almost Love Your Pet Day!

Love Your Pet Day

Tomorrow is Love Your Pet Day, so celebrate with your 2 or 4-legged family members!

Less than a week after we were able to celebrate our loved ones on Valentine’s Day/World Marriage Day, we have an opportunity to turn our attention to our fluffier family members. Now, how is this possible, you may be asking yourselves?  Well, the answer is that February 20th is Love your Pet Day! Here are a few ways we can celebrate.

  • Play together. Whether that means taking our dogs for a long run or playing bat-the-toy for a while with our cats, we’d like to suggest that look for ways to engage with our pets. Spending time with our pets may appear obvious to some but just in case, we want to remind everyone that it will help build a stronger bond, and can also help us release stress (win-win!).
  • Try some treats. Give your tortoise a little extra lettuce or your pooch a spoon of peanut butter. You get a cake on your birthday, so why not let your pet have a tasty treat tomorrow?
  • Take care. Have you been putting off heading to the vet or tackling a necessary grooming task? Tomorrow’s the perfect day to give our pets the care he or she needs.

Happy Love your Pet Day from The Maria Sanchez Show! We’re definitely looking forward to lavishing a little extra attention on our furry (or scaly) friends tomorrow.

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