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Spread the Love in Honor of Love Note Day!

Write a Letter for Love Note Day

Show your loved ones some affection during Love Note Day!

Love Note Day is September 26! Everyone has somebody to love. Whether it’s a romantic partner, parent, sibling, grandparent, friend, or even co-worker, we can show our loved ones how much they mean to us on Love Note Day. Check out these tips to help increase the ‘wow’ factor and perhaps help make our loved ones feel special.

Make your own card.

While buying a card from the store is a lovely gesture, it’s even more meaningful when you create your own card.

Speak from the heart.

Sharing your emotions isn’t always an easy task. But, love note day is a special occasion; when you write your love note with genuine feeling, it makes the note all the more special.

Be unpredictable. 

Sharing your love note is best done as a surprise! Think of clever ways to deliver your love notes to your recipients. Hide them in your child’s lunch box, leave one in your partner’s briefcase, or write a message on the bathroom mirror. Your love note will be a welcome surprise to all the recipients.

Utilize USPS and send something via snail mail.  Here’s a thought, let’s make a card, or purchase a card, and put a stamp on it and send it through the mail, the old-fashioned way!  I’ve been doing this for some time with my parents.  I find an article that I think will be of interest to them.  I cut it out and enclose it in a card with a handwritten update on my life.  They get the pleasure of opening a letter instead of junk mail or bills, and they also get information that might have missed them in their daily life.

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