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Let’s Go Meatless on World Vegetarian Day

basket of fruits and vegetables

Perhaps We May Save the Planet by Skipping Meat. Today is World Vegetarian Day.  Naturally, this occasion is about educating ourselves about the positives of going meatless and encouraging others to entertain the concept of a meat-free lifestyle.  While many of us cannot see cutting meat out of our diets completely, we can challenge ourselves

Let’s Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

quaint neighborhood

Let’s all try to be better neighbors. Today is National Good Neighbor Day.  As the name suggests, this occasion is about going out of our ways to be good neighbors as well as to recognize the neighbors who have been good to us.  In honor of this National Good Neighbor Day, here are some suggestions

Can Pets Improve Our Health?

beagle running in the grass

Studies have suggested that owning pets can help us live longer. Those of us who own pets know just how much our animal friends bring to our lives.  However, many of us may be surprised to know that studies have shown that pets can actually improve our health and may help us live longer.  While

Must-Read Negotiation Tips for Women

woman smiling confidently at her interview

Here are some of the negotiation tips that might be of benefit to us. Negotiation is difficult, no matter what it applies to.  As a woman, negotiations may be particularly difficult because society has traditionally been unkind to women who raise their voices and go after what they want.  However, the world is changing, and

How We Can Eliminate Toxins from Our Homes

home filled with plants

We’d like to invite you to join us with these suggestions to remove unwanted toxins from our homes. With all the pollution and environmental toxins that we are exposed to throughout the day, the last thing that we want is for harmful chemicals to invade our homes. Fortunately, there are steps that we can take to

How Yoga Benefits Our Health

siluette of woman doing yoga on the beach

Here’s why yoga is such a great form of exercise. September is National Yoga Month.  A major goal of this month is recognizing the health benefits that have been attributed with practicing yoga.  Here are some of the ways that we may improve our physical and mental health by giving yoga a try. Increases flexibility.

Here are Some Benefits of Positive Thinking

two elderly women smiling

How thinking positively may actually improve our health. Today is Positive Thinking Day.  As the name suggests, this day is about challenging ourselves to have a more optimistic outlook on life.  When we have a more positive mindset, we may achieve certain physical and mental health benefits.  Here are some of the ways that positive