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Here are Some Suggestions that May Make Holiday Parties Less Stressful

guests raising their glasses at a holiday party

Here are some suggestions to likely alleviate the stress of hosting a holiday party. For those of us who are hosting friends and family for the holidays, we may be feeling the pressure of throwing a perfect party.  However, hosting a party doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing event.  Here are some steps that we can

Here are some suggestions to hopefully thwart the Flu Season

man blowing his nose at work

We’d like to suggest ways to take better care of ourselves this flu season. With the holidays coming up, the last thing that we want is for the flu to ruin all our holiday festivities.  Luckily, there are steps that we can take which will likely help us to stay healthy this flu season.  Here are

Let’s Get Literary; It’s Read a New Book Month

bookshelves filled with books

How we can make the most of this Read a New Book Month. December is Read a New Book Month.  As the name suggests, this month encourages us to expand our literary horizons by challenging us to read something new.  But with the holidays looming, how can we meet our December reading goals? Here are

How We Can Fight Climate Change in Our Everyday Lives

earth held in someone's hand

We can make better choices to help the environment—here’s how. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to pay attention to the choices that we make which creates more challenges for climate change.  This is why it’s imperative that we do our parts in the fight against climate change. While this may sound daunting we

How We Can Make Better Food Choices This Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving sign on pumpkin

Let’s eat healthier this Thanksgiving. For those of us who are trying to eat healthier, Thanksgiving may pose a major challenge. This is because it’s often difficult for some of us to resist the temptation of rich, delicious, and (unfortunately) unhealthy holiday foods.  However, there are steps we can take to stay on track this Thanksgiving. 

Scientific Ways to Lower Our Stress

stressed man

Experts explain some of the best stress-reduction tactics. With the holidays looming, many of us may start to feel the stress mounting.  Ironically, it’s likely that the last thing we want is for stress to ruin the holidays, it’s essential that we take care of ourselves.  Here are some of the science-backed stress reduction tips

Let’s Go Green This America Recycles Day

recycle symbol on grass

Shall we all do our parts this America Recycles Day. We coexiston this planet; this is why it’s imperative for us to do our parts to take better care of it.  One way that we can take care of our planet is by stepping up our efforts to reduce waste. November 15th is America Recycles Day, an