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How We Can Strike a Healthy Tech-Life Balance

tablet, laptop, and cell phone

Let’s not let technology take over; let’s try out these suggestions to balance our online and real lives. In today’s digital age, staying connected is easier than ever.  However, constantly being plugged in does have its downsides.  As we become more dependent on technology, we may often forget about the real-life relationships and responsibilities that also

Let’s Protect Our Pets This Summer

dog running in grass

Here’s some reminders how to take care of our furry friends this season. With summer here, the sun is shining, and temperatures are rising rapidly.  While we may enjoy the sunny weather, it’s important that we remember that summer heat poses certain risks.  This is true even for our pets.  To ensure that we are taking

Let’s Stay Cool with These Air Conditioning Tips

person adjusting thermostat

Here are some tips to maximize the efficiency of our air conditioners. With temperatures rising, many of us are cranking up our air conditioners.  However, turning our AC units on full blast consumes a ton of energy and raises our energy bills considerably.  Fortunately, there are things that we can do to make our AC

Tips to Take Care of Our Cars This Summer

car with hood open

We’d like to recommend these summer car maintenance suggestions. While many of us don’t have to concern ourselves with rain, wind, or other adverse weather conditions during the summer months, this does not mean that summertime is without its risks. To help ensure that our cars continue to run smoothly this season, here are some of

Here’s an Opportunity to Help Conserve Water with These Landscaping Tips


Let’s try out these drought-tolerant landscaping tips. For those of us who live in dry areas that are prone to drought, it’s in our best interest to cut down on the amount of water we use in and around our homes.  One of the ways that we can conserve is by implementing drought-tolerant landscaping in

Let’s Try Out This Recipe for National Picnic Month

picnic blanket and set up

Join us as we prepare for the perfect picnic with this tasty recipe! July is National Picnic Month! Obviously, the best way to celebrate this month is by taking our loved ones out on a fun picnic in the outdoors.  However, no picnic is complete without some delicious food.  In honor of this National Picnic Month,

Pucker Up! It’s National Kissing Day

parent kissing their baby

Let’s give our loved ones a smooch this National Kissing Day. July 6th marks the unofficial holiday, National Kissing Day.  First established in the United Kingdom, this holiday has spread to other countries around the world and is sometimes referred to as World Kissing Day. As the name suggests, National Kissing Day encourages us to