Let’s Snack Smarter on Our Next Road Trip

mother and child sticking heads out of car window

Here are some suggestions for smarter road trip snacking.

Summer is road trip season!  For those of us who are planning to embark on a driving vacation, packing snacks might not be the first thing on our minds.  However, keeping our passengers, especially children, well-fed is the best way to keep tensions at a minimum.  To ensure that our road trips go smoothly, here’s some tips for nibbling on the highways.

  • Pre-Portion Snacks

While many of us are tempted to toss a bag of chips and a box of cookies into the back seat and call it a day, this isn’t the best way to support healthy and nutritious eating while on the go.  If choosing to pack items such as chips, pretzels, cookies, it’s suggested that it’s best to portion the servings and wrap each item individually.  This makes it easy to pass out the snacks and also reduces the chances of inadvertently overturning an entire bag of chip crumbs in our backseats.

  • Pack Fresh Foods

While it’s easier to pack shelf-stable foods as road trip snacks, we also suggest bringing fresh foods like fruits, veggies, meat, and cheese.  This is because fresh foods tend to be more satisfying and are easier on the stomach.  To keep fresh foods at their peak, we suggest utilizing small coolers filled with baggies of carrots, sliced apples, grapes, and string cheese.

  • Drink Water

When we are driving longer distances, it’s suggested that we consume water.  This is because sugary drinks may make passengers overly hyper, only to crash and get cranky in a couple of hours.  Additionally, sugary and caffeinated beverages can leave us dehydrated, which may make us feel sluggish, grumpy, and ill.  When packing water, it’s probably best to stick to reusable bottles or cups with lids to reduce the chance of someone spilling.

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