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Let’s Get Reading! It’s National Book Month

Let’s Get Reading! It’s National Book Month

This October, we invite you to get involved with National Book Month.

Every October, National Book Month encourages the public to celebrate their love of books and reading.  This month, let’s use some of these ideas to recognize this occasion with our families and friends.

– Hold a literature family game night.  For a fun twist on normal games, play charades and act out the titles of books or the names of famous literary characters.  Another fun literature game night activity is playing a different version of Taboo and Pictionary using well-known book titles.

– Let’s challenge us, our friends, and our family members to read from a book every week of National Book Month.

– This month is also a great opportunity to make reading a group activity.  As a family, choose a book that everyone is interested in and take turns reading a chapter or several pages out loud for the whole family to enjoy.

– Finally, this month presents an awesome opportunity to take an excursion to our local libraries.  Make sure that everyone has an updated library card and let’s encourage everyone in our families to choose at least one book to bring home.

Sadly, 27% of Americans said they hadn’t read a book within the last 12 months!  Perhaps not surprising, educational level appears to be a predictor as to who reads and who doesn’t. 56% of people who had not completed high school reported reading for pleasure, compared with 92 percent who had graduated from college. More men than women read for work or school, while more women read for pleasure than men.

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