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How About if We Try Out This Morning Routine to Boost Our Productivity?

Let’s Try Out This Morning Routine to Boost Our Productivity

Revamping our morning routines may give us a much-needed boost of energy.

When our alarms go off in the morning, many of us start the day groggy, exhausted, and grumpy.  However, this doesn’t need to be our realities.  In fact, simply making some adjustments to our morning schedules can help us set a much more positive tone for the rest of the day.  Here are some of the changes we might consider making to our wake-up routines.

Work on Our Personal Projects

While this may seem crazy, we suggest that we dedicate the first-30 minutes after waking up to our personal or passion projects.  Whether this means doing some writing, editing some videos, or brainstorming some new recipe ideas, by focusing on these activities before officially starting our days makes us a priority.  It’s great to work on creative projects as soon as we wake up because our brains are just exiting REM state and entering Delta state.  In Delta state, our minds are working with high creativity levels and low vibrations.  In short, this allows us to be more creative and less conscious of stress or other daily pressures.   Taking this time in the mornings not only helps us make serious progress on our personal projects, but also sets us up for a further productive day.

Eat a Good Breakfast

We should also be sure that we are starting our mornings with a good, fulfilling breakfast.  Skipping breakfast means denying ourselves of the fuel that we need to get our bodies started.  While there are plenty of nutritional items that we can choose from, there are a couple of things that we recommend avoiding at all costs. 

For instance, we suggest ditching refined sugars, once and for all!  Not only are these types of sugars bad for our bodies, but they set ourselves up for a serious drop in energy later in the day.  It’s also suggested that we avoid eating fast food for breakfast.  These foods tend to be ladened with refined sugars as well as too much salt and fat, and they do not make for an effective energy source.

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