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Let’s Get Involved and “Stand for Children Day”

Let’s Get Involved and “Stand for Children Day”

Learn more about the amazing organization, Stand for Children.

On June 1, 1996, more than 300,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to participate in the first-ever Stand for Children Day.  To date, this remains the largest demonstration for children in U.S. history.  As a result of this monumental occasion, countless parents, community members, and advocates were inspired to continue their fight to improve the lives of children primarily, through access to better education.

Since 1999, Stand for Children has won over 209 state and local victories and earned over $6.7 BILLION in educational investments.  The policies and financial assets that this organization has secured are aimed at improving the lives of more that 5.6 million children nationwide.

Stand for Children believes that all children are entitled to an equal opportunity for success, and they identify education as the key for this equality.  As a result, the organization strives tirelessly to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, can graduate from high school and have access to higher education or career training.  Stand for Children also endeavors to educate and empower parents, teachers, and community members to demand excellence from their local public schools.  Additionally, the organization advocates for local, state, and national educational policies and investments that will improve the quality of education that children have access to.  Stand for Children operates with the strong belief and mission statement that reads, “Access to a quality public education is a basic human right—one we are dedicated to protecting.”

To mark the anniversary of the first Stand for Children Day, we should all do our parts to ensure that all the children in America have access to the education they need to thrive.  Stand for Children accepts monetary donations and has many different state and local campaigns that we can get involved in.  Let’s head to the organization’s website here to learn more.

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