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Let’s Get Informed on National PTSD Awareness Day

Let’s Get Informed on National PTSD Awareness Day

Let’s learn more this National PTSD Awareness Day.

Today is National PTSD Awareness Day.  As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to spreading awareness for and educating the public about what PTSD is, how it affects sufferers, and how treatment progresses.  In honor of this National PTSD Awareness Day, let’s learn a little bit more about this condition.

What is PTSD?

PTSD, or posttraumatic stress disorder, is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a particularly traumatic event such as combat, natural disaster, accident, sexual assault, or other traumas.  Often, people who suffer from PTSD have upsetting memories, are anxious, and have trouble sleeping.  Additionally, people who have PTSD can suffer from flashbacks and may become hyper-emotional.

How common is PTSD?

It’s important to understand that PTSD is not a sign of weakness; anyone can suffer from PTSD.  In fact, 7-8% of the U.S. population will have PTSD sometime in their lives.  Every year, about 8 million adults are diagnosed with PTSD, and this is only a small portion of the individuals who have survived trauma.  While PTSD is most commonly associated with military personnel returning from a combat situation, it’s important to know that anyone who has survived a traumatic event can develop PTSD.

How do you treat PTSD?

PTSD treatment is unique for every individual.  Effective PTSD treatments usually include a combination of psychotherapy and medications.  Often, people with PTSD will receive trauma-based psychotherapies which will focus on the traumatic event and help the sufferer learn techniques to understand and process the traumatic event.  In some cases, anxiety and depression medication will be prescribed to assist with treatment of PTSD.

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