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Let’s Find Out More About the History of the First Ford Made

Let’s Find Out More About the History of the First Ford Made

Join us in learning more about the history and the first Ford that was made.

Life as we know it exists with easy access to affordable transportation. With buses and cars on the road, it’s probably difficult for most of us to imagine life any other way. However, most of us understand that such methods of transportation didn’t always exist. It wasn’t until Henry Ford invented the car that personal transportation was made available to most consumers because, until that time, only the very affluent could purchase vehicles for transportation.

Because Mr. Ford revolutionized the manufacturing end of the production with his creation of the assembly line technique, the middle class of America could now afford to have a car.  What many folks may not know is that Mr. Ford was born on a farm and was expected to become a farmer as well.  However, Henry Ford had other ambitions, and he followed those when he left at the age of 13 to become an apprentice machinist and later an engineer.

While he worked as an engineer, he had the opportunity to meet with the famous inventor, Thomas Edison.  Mr. Ford shared his ideas with Mr. Edison, and the later strongly encouraged him to follow his passion.

In fact, his journey began on June 4, 1896, when the first quadricycle was built.

The First Ford Vehicle Made

In 1896, Henry Ford built a quadricycle. This invention consisted of a seat with four bicycle wheels and a four-horsepower engine. With only two gears and no steering wheel, this invention was an earlier version of the car.  Two years later in 1898, he followed that invention with a second vehicle.

Interestingly enough, what most of us may not know is that his first company, Detroit Automobile Company which he founded in 1899, went out of business two years later!

Ever the resilient and true definition of an entrepreneur, he kept at his dream and founded the Henry Ford Company in 1901.  Unfortunately, that company didn’t thrive, and Mr. Ford left.  In 1903 he incorporated the Ford Motor Company which produced the first Model T in October 1908.  In 1918, half of all automobiles in America were Model T’s!

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