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Let’s Celebrate Gail E. Haley’s Birthday

Let’s Celebrate Gail E. Haley’s Birthday

Today is the 78th birthday of children’s author and illustrator Gail E. Haley.

Gail E. Haley, an award-winning American author and illustrator, celebrates her birthday today!  Born on November 4th, 1939, Haley has had a successful career writing and illustrating picture books.  Haley’s father was the art director at The Charlotte Observer and she claims that it was here that she fell in love with the graphic arts.  She explains, “I’ve had printer’s ink and rubber cement in my veins ever since.”  Haley went on to study graphics and painting at Richmond Professional Institute and the University of Virginia.  In 1962, Haley published her first book titled My Kingdom for a Dragon, which began her story writing and illustrating career.   In honor of this gifted storyteller and artist’s birthday, here are her top five books that we should all enjoy.

1) A Story, A Story (1970)

Haley’s retelling of an African folklore won the celebrated Caldecott Award for illustration in 1971.  The story recounts how Anansi, the trickster, stole stories from the Sky God to give to the children of earth.

2) The Post Office Cat (1976)

This picture book tells the story of Clarence the cat who travels to London to find a better life.  Clarence eventually finds work at a post office where he receives milk and all the mice he can catch.  This story provides cat-eye views of Victorian London and it based on historically accurate portrayals of the city.  The Post Office Cat won the Greenaway Medal in 1976.

3) The Green Man (1980)

Based on the legend of “The Green Man,” this story tells how a rich, arrogant youth is forced to live in the forest.  The illustrations trace the how he transforms his once selfish life into one that is useful, generous, and satisfying.

 4) Mountain Jack Tales (1992)

This collection of stories tells of the tales of the hero, Jack, as he adventures through the Appalachian Mountains.  These stories find their base in the folklores and stories of North Carolina Mountain country.

5) Jack Jouett’s Ride (1976)

This illustrated book recounts the story of the “Southern Paul Revere,” Jack Jouett, as he rode to warn Thomas Jefferson and others about British raiders headed their way.

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