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Let’s Take Care of Our Toes this Foot Health Month

Let’s Take Care of Our Toes this Foot Health Month


Let’s try out these tips to take better care of our feet this August.

August is National Foot Health Month, a month dedicated to encouraging the public to take better care of their feet.  Our feet work hard to carry us; we should return the favor and show them some love.  Here are some of the suggestions that we’d like to suggest to care for our feet this month.

Keep Our Feet Dry and Clean

Healthy feet start with good hygiene; this is why it’s so important to thoroughly clean and scrub our feet with soap and water when we bathe.  It’s also important that we dry our feet carefully post-shower.  This will prevent fungal organisms from attaching to and growing on our feet.

Conduct an Examination

It’s also important that we perform self-exams on our feet at least once a week.  During our examinations, we should check the soles of our feet for scaling and check the areas between our toes for signs of peeling.  These symptoms could indicate the presence of athlete’s foot.  Additionally, we should check for any discoloration of our toenails as this could indicate nail fungus.  For those of us with diabetes, it’s important to check our feet more frequently as we are at a higher risk for foot sores and infections.

Select Smart Footwear

Finally, it’s important that we do our best to wear shoes that fit and offer our feet the necessary support.  Shoes that are too tight can lead to long-term foot issues and shoes that are too loose could lead to painful blisters.  Additionally, we should stick to shoes featuring a broad, rounded toe as pointy shoes can cramp our toes and increase the chances of us developing calluses, ingrown nails, and maybe even bunions.  Finally, we should select shoes that offer the necessary arch support.  This will help us avoid foot and back problems as we grow older.

Getting Relief Through Our Feet

Reflexology is an ancient technique that uses pressure points on our feet to connect with an amazing array of our body’s glands and organs.  By logging on to this site, you can see how many areas of our bodies are connected to our feet!

Here’s What Happens When You Touch These Pressure Points …

Here’s What Happens When You Touch These Pressure Points On Your Feet

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