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Learn More About “Little Christmas”

Learn More About “Little Christmas”

Learn more about the holiday called Epiphany or “Little Christmas.”

Epiphany is a Christian feast day that is celebrated on January 6th every year.  For most Western Christian denominations, this holiday commemorates two Biblical events: the Three Wise Men’s visit to baby Jesus and Jesus’ baptism.  But why is this holiday held on January 6th and why is it sometimes called “Little Christmas?”  According to scholars, before the widespread use of the Georgian calendar (the one we use today), Christmas was celebrated on January 6th.  As an homage to this original date, some countries (most notably Ireland) celebrate by letting the women of the house rest while the men take over regular household duties.

In honor of Epiphany, here’s how other countries around the world celebrate this holiday.

Spain: In Spain, Epiphany is celebrated with a huge festival.  On this day, some children receive their Christmas gifts and have them delivered by the Three Kings (Wise Men).  This day is also celebrated with a special pastry known as a “Roscón” a ring-shaped roll filled with cream or chocolate.

Austria: In Austria, people write a special sign, in chalk above their door as a reminder of the Wise Men who visited baby Jesus.  The sign is meant to bring their homes protection for the coming year.

Belgium: In Belgium, children dress up like the Wise Men and go door to door singing songs.  People often reward them with small treats or money in a tradition reminiscent of trick-or-treating in the U.S.

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