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Increase Awareness About Juvenile Arthritis This Month

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

July Is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

When we think of arthritis, we tend to think of people in their golden years of life. While arthritis is more common among older people, it does not discriminate based on age. In fact, there are nearly 300,000 children in America living with juvenile arthritis.

Juvenile arthritis is not just joint pain. It is caused by an autoimmune type of arthritis. It occurs when their bodies’ immune systems attack their joints. The results range from stiffness to swelling to permanent joint damage.

Juvenile arthritis is a serious threat. In very severe cases, it can even cause death! It is important that we spread the word that children can be affected by arthritis all year, but since July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month it presents an especially ripe opportunity to raise awareness. Children should not be left to suffer because they do not know that their joint pain is caused by a serious health condition.

The entire team at The Maria Sanchez Show invites you to join us in spreading awareness about juvenile arthritis to help today’s youths alleviate their pain.

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