Preventing Skin Cancer During UV Safety Month

July is UV Safety Month: Skin Cancer Prevention

July Is UV Safety Month

During the summer, it’s often tempting to lay out and soak up the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, doing this presents a serious danger to our skin. July is UV Safety Month and reminds us all that we should protect our skin against harmful UV rays for skin cancer prevention.

When we get sunburned, we significantly increase our risk of getting skin cancer.  We may be able to avoid this by pairing sunscreen use (with regular reapplication) with clothing, hats, and sunglasses that will protect our skin and eyes from sun exposure. If we are going to be by the pool, this is especially important since the water can reflect the UV rays.

Some of us might not be aware that sunscreen matters that much, but skin cancer is actually the most common type of cancer! Fortunately, if it is discovered early its treatment is very effective. It is recommended that if we have a mole or part of our skin that is changing shape, is asymmetrical, and is bigger than a pencil eraser, have it looked at by our physicians.

Personally, my father was diagnosed with non-pigmented malignant melanoma over 12 years ago.  His journey has been quite arduous but he’s a survivor due to early detection.  Because of his situation, I consult with my dermatologist regularly.  Initially she saw me annually, then she asked to see me every six months, then every four months and most recently, every three months.

Now I’m back to an every four month body inspection.  So please take it from me, an annual visit is the least we can do to help insure that we won’t become one of these statistics!

The Maria Sanchez Show team hopes you will use skin protection during UV Safety Month and beyond so you can protect your health and enjoy your summer sunburn-free!

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