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Join Us in Remembering Computer History on the Day the IBM PC was Announced

IBM PC announced

In 1981, IBM announced the release of their new computer. 

On this day 36 years ago, the first modern computer was released to the public. It was the IBM 5150 and the pioneer of personal home computing, complete with an innovative design, specifications, and price tag.  

But it didn’t run cheap. It was for sale at a staggering $1,565 (around $4,150 today), so the system wasn’t exactly affordable to the average Joe. However, its small size and IBM’s ability to produce a high volume of them made it the first accessible computer on the market. 

Before the 5150, IBM computers were significantly more expensive to run, cumbersome and energy intensive, according to the company’s history. Not long before the 5150 debuted, IBM computers had cost as much as $9 million to run and needed a staff of 60 people and an air-conditioned room that took up a quarter of an acre. The company’s entry-level computer, the IBM System/38 minicomputer cost $90,000. Then came the invention of the small, home computer.   

It took two years for the IBM PC to become a household name, but by 1983 people were buying them in the tens of thousands and Time Magazine replaced its “Man of the Year” with the personal computer as the “Machine of the Year”.   

With smartphones, smart watches, and advanced technology everywhere today, it is clear to see how far we have come!   

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