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Join Us as We Observe World Cancer Day

Join Us as We Observe World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day; let’s all do our parts to get involved.

World Cancer Day is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of cancer and to encouraging its detection and treatment.  Specifically, World Cancer Day looks to provide the public with accurate information about cancer and seeks to dispel the stigma associated with those diagnosed with this devastating disease.  In honor of World Cancer Day, let’s all join together and implement these opportunities to get involved.

  • Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

One of the most important things we can do on World Cancer Day is to schedule an appointment with our doctors and ask that we be screened for various types of cancer.  Those of us with a family history of cancer should be especially careful to schedule the necessary screenings.  While screening will not prevent cancer, catching cancer in its early stages will increase our chances of beating it.

  • Break Bad Habits

Not only does smoking increase our risk for lung cancer, but the second-hand smoke we produce can also have negative effects on the health of others.  In honor of World Cancer Day, we should renew our efforts to kick this nasty habit for the sake of our health and the health of others.

  • Spread Awareness

This World Cancer Day, we should also make an effort to encourage our friends and family members to make their health a priority.  Let’s suggest to them to check in with their health care providers and offer them our support no matter where they are in their health journey.  Perhaps by encouraging our loved ones to be healthy and proactive, we may arrest cancer from becoming such a wide spread epidemic.

I am honored and humbled daily to be a volunteer with the Cancer Support Community.  We are numerous throughout the United States.  Everything that we provide is without cost.  From psycho-social support, weekly group meetings, classes in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, awareness, Kids Circle, Notty Knitters etc. etc. etc. provide a wealth of resources to those diagnosed with cancer and to the folks that love them.

Western Medicine has acknowledged that it isn’t just science that ‘cures’ cancer.  Our motto, “No one should face cancer alone.”

We at  The Maria Sanchez Show hope you will join us as we get involved this World Cancer Day.  Don’t forget to check out our latest program, Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown. Tune in on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. PST/7:00 p.m. EST.

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