Join Maria Sanchez During Nutrition Month

Everyone knows that nutrition plays an important role in everyday life. Test your nutritional knowledge here, on The Maria Sanchez Show during the month of March. March is Nutrition Month and you can use our podcast to keep current on the latest topics discussed on the show. These podcasts can keep you up-to-date even on your busiest days, in short segments you can listen on your commute or at practice with your children.

The right diet can help you lose weight, help treat certain chronic diseases and promote overall wellbeing. It is the foundation your body relies on to meet the demands you put on it daily. The right diet will benefit your entire family, even with a full schedule.

I want to help you test your dietary knowledge and learn about smart nutrition and healthy living. Join me, Maria Sanchez, on The Maria Sanchez Show. Join us for Nutrition Month in March.

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