Jeremy Seifert Explores the Controversy of GMO Foods in “GMO OMG”

Consumers are becoming more aware of the use of genetically modified organisms, or GMO for short, in their food supply, and they don’t like it. The idea of ingesting a food that has been altered through genetic manipulation is unsettling as there is no long-term data available on just how these alterations affect the body. In the meantime, a major war is being fought against the big agriculture corporations pushing GMO crops with the results including a total ban against them in the EU and labeling requirements in the U.S. in some states. Jeremy Seifert has been following this controversy and lays it out in his new documentary “GMO OMG”.

In his film, Seifert explores how GMO foods have infiltrated the food supply, and how unaware Americans are of this fact. He interviews people about the subject and finds that there is a lack of understanding and awareness among those he talks to. In order to present a balanced take, he attempted to interview executives at the large agriculture firms, but no one was willing to talk to him either on or off camera. Seifert’s goal is to educate consumers and let them know they are not powerless against big agriculture’s attempts to further alter the food supply.

Check out Maria’s conversation with Jeremy here  to hear it firsthand.

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