It’s Foot Health Month! Take Care of Your Toes with These Tips

Foot Health Month

Tend to your feet this month by following these top tips.

Unfortunately, far too many of us fail to give our feet much needed attention. In order for our feet to keep us standing and walking all day every day, we must take care of them and avoid bad foot habits. While you may think that some of these habits are harmless, they can actually be extremely detrimental to your feet. Gathered are some vital foot health habits:

  • Walking barefoot can be extremely dangerous, as you have absolutely no protection for your feet. Your exposed feet are vulnerable to wide range of harmful objects.
  • If you have heel pain, make sure to tend to it immediately. If you are experiencing prolonged pain, make sure to seek guidance from a foot professional to ensure that nothing is seriously injured.
  • The types of shoes you wear are extremely important in maintaining healthy feet. You will want to make sure that you wear supportive shoes. Try to avoid wearing flats, flip-flops, and heels, of course.
  • Whenever you are in common waters, make sure to wear flip-flops or clogs to protect your feet. Common walking areas in pools and locker rooms can be infested with contaminated water and other bacteria and fungus. Likewise, walking around barefoot in common areas leaves you susceptible to athletes’ foot.

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