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International Picnic Day with Maria Sanchez

International Picnic Day is the time to celebrate one of our most beloved warmer weather activities. On June 18th people come together to celebrate a cherished tradition. International Picnic Day is a day when families, friends and others come together to honor this long treasured informal holiday of eating outside on a blanket (or a picnic table).

You don’t have to worry too much about manners, spilling your drink or crumbs on your face on this day. It is a day of eating in freedom without care or regard for fussy details.  Picnics are often spontaneous and don’t involve much preparation but to have a day set aside to make it a national event is kind of special.  Please be vigilant about proper food handling preparations, refrigeration, cross contamination and the like as we wouldn’t want anyone to suffer from an oversight and accidentally cause someone an illness.  Lots of products to hydrate upon are important as well as bug repellant and plenty of sunscreen!  ENJOY.

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