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Ideas to Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day

Ideas to Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day

Let’s try out these suggestions to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day.

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day, an unofficial observance in the United States that recognizes and celebrates employees in all industries. For those of us that own our own small businesses, or for those of us who are in a management positions, here are some of the things we can do to show our employees a little appreciation.

Take Them Out to Lunch

One great way to show our employees that we care is by inviting them out for lunch. Be sure to let them know that this lunch will be paid for by the company and invite them to splurge. While this seems like such a minor thing, just spending time and sharing a meal with our employees will show them how grateful we are for them.

Give Them Small Gifts

Another great way to show our appreciation is by giving our employees little gifts. These presents do not have to be very elaborate or very expensive. It is the gesture more than the actual gift that will communicate our sincere thanks. If possible, we should try to personalize each gift to really show our employees that we care. A great gift idea is a handwritten note/card that expresses what and why we feel grateful for their presence in our lives.

Award Them Time Off

Nothing says “thank you” like a little vacation time. To show our appreciation for all our employees, we can let them cut out of work early on this day. Or, if we want to be a little more generous, we can give our employees a coupon that allows them to have a free day off. By encouraging our employees to take some personal time, we can show them how important their wellbeing is to us.

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