I’m Making a Big Change

I’m making some significant changes to my daily, live, radio broadcast, “The Maria Sanchez Show.”  As of August, the show will air on my own broadcasting network on my website as soon as the technical challenges have been completely resolved. Please keep checking back to to see when our broadcasts are live and the new podcasts will be posted again.  While you’re there, listen to some of our compelling archival podcasts that we’ve aired these past 3 ½ months.  There are over 70 of them and they are eclectic, informational and diverse.  And please ‘like’ us on our Facebook page at The Maria Sanchez Show.

Things That Will Change

As stated, the broadcasts will change from my former syndicator to my website, I will be using my own network to broadcast a wider range of topics, guests, correspondents and newsmakers. The network change will also allow for longer and more in-depth interviews.

The time may change from the 9am Pacific, Mon-Fri. The time change may be more compatible with the needs of our listeners and guests who may be available the day the news is breaking. I’m excited about having more opportunity and time to say as I like and to allow our guests to have whatever time is necessary to fully flesh out the topic.

Podcasts of the shows will be available on the same day of the airing of each show.

Things That Will Stay the Same

We will still talk about current events, people in the news, lifestyle, health, relationships–whatever is hot for that day. We’re still empowering, inspiring and encouraging people. Don’t miss out!

Who Wins in the Change

Both you and I win. The Maria Sanchez Show will still have access to the world with our guests and our listeners.

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