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Show Your Support for Human Rights Day!

End Discrimination – Support Human Rights Day

Each year, December 10th marks Human Rights Day.  In 1950 the United Nations announced that December 10th would be Human Rights Day. This opportunity for worldwide recognition strives to remind all of us that human rights should be a common standard of achievement for all nations and all people. Rather than just spending our day as usual because we have our rights, perhaps we might want to reflect and be proactive to make sure that every individual on this planet has their rights.

This is an ideal day to show our support to end discrimination. Unfortunately, racism and discrimination are not theories of the past, as many believe. These devastating human acts are still amongst us, and must be eradicated. Rather than falling victim to believing in stereotypes of race, color, ethnicity, disability, or sexual preference, it’s important that we make a strong effort to fight off these acts on a daily basis.

While Human Rights Day is recognized on an annual basis, it is essential that we take on these values for our daily lives. When we join forces to become one, the world becomes a better place to live in.

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