Find out How you Can Help End Cruelty To Elephants and Bears in Traveling Circuses

If you are a fan of the Big Top and love to see traveling circus animals such as lions, tigers and bears performing amazing feats, you will want to check out my September 19th, 2013 podcast! The Big Top may be fun to experience, but it’s no fun for the performing animals. Join me for an informative talk with the president of Animal Defenders International’s president, Jan Creamer, while we discuss the atrocities that befall performing animals wherever they travel to.

Animal Defenders International (ADI) conducts undercover investigations and behind the scenes documentation to expose cruelty to elephants and bears as well as other performing animals, and documents those abuses to expose the abuse that occurs in circuses, movies, advertisements, rides and special events.

Their work led to a victory on September 16th, 2013, when the City of West Hollywood banned the performance and commercial display of wild and exotic animals. The initiative will prohibit the use of wild animals in any form of entertainment such as circuses, carnival performances, trade shows and parades. If you love animals, you won’t want to miss this podcast!

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