How Sitting Can Be Damaging to your Health

Many of us sit for long periods each day working and then we sit as we drive home. We sit to watch TV and eat dinner, and then we sit some more catching up on Facebook, or working. Research has shown that sitting can be damaging to your health. Dr. James A. Levine M.D., Ph.D. was a guest on my show, The Maria Sanchez Show, and we discussed how sitting is affecting our health.

Dr. Levine indicated that too much sitting increases the chance of cardiovascular disease and even cancer. The risks are enough to warrant a 125 percent increase in risk for cardiovascular disease. The risk increases or decreases by the number of hours that is spent sitting.

So what can Ventura County do about all this sitting? Dr. James A. Levine says to think creatively while working. An example was to walk and talk rather than sit and listen. Walk to lunch and then around the block. It is up to us to make these changes in our daily lives. Spend less time sitting or increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and/or cancer.

If you’d like more information about how sitting can be damaging to your health, then check out my show with Dr. Levine from Wednesday May 26, 2013.  The Maria Sanchez Show airs Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 9:50AM (PST), and recorded podcasts from previous shows are now available for download on iTunes and on our website.

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