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Honor Our Heroes on Purple Heart Day

Honor Our Heroes on Purple Heart Day

Today, let’s pause and remember the brave men and women who were injured or killed on the battlefield.

Purple Heart Day is observed every August 7th, and this day invites us to remember and honor those who were wounded and those who gave their lives in defense of our country.  To commemorate this day, here’s some information about the Purple Heart and what is means to receive this prestigious military award.

The Purple Heart is designated for members of the Armed Forces of the United States who have been wounded, killed, or who have died or may soon die of wounds received from any attack against the United States.  Those who sustain injuries not related to an attack by enemies or hostile forces are generally ineligible to receive the Purple Heart.  Additionally, the Purple Heart is awarded to persons who are injured, killed, or wounded while a prisoner of war.

The Purple Heart first began as the Badge of Military Merit, an honor created by George Washington in 1782.  This award was given to enlisted soldiers who performed a “singularly meritorious action.”  However, only a few of these awards were given out, and the Badge of Military Merit never became a staple.

In 1932, the Purple Heart was created to commemorate the bicentennial of Washington’s birthday.  It took several years for the Purple Heart to become what it is today.  However, after World War II, the Purple Heart officially changed from an award for meritorious service to one that honored those who were injured or killed in combat.

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