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Here’s Information on Getting Involved This No Shave November

man with a beard

Perhaps We May Choose to get involved this No-Shave November. While many of us may have heard about No-Shave November, we may not know what this actually is all about.   To explain, during the month of November, participants will choose to forgo shaving and grooming as a means of spreading awareness for cancer. The idea

What’s Import to Know During National Epilepsy Month

passed out employee

Let’s make a difference this National Epilepsy Month. November is National Epilepsy Month, a month that promotes education and awareness of this seizure disorder.  A major goal of this month is to encourage us to have a better understanding of what epilepsy is and to perhaps make a difference in the lives of those who

Let’s Improve Our Diets This Good Nutrition Month

close-up of a salad

How we might eat healthier this November. As we settle into fall and temperatures start to get cooler, many of us are tempted to stay snuggled up inside and eat heavier and perhaps richer foods.  Additionally, with Thanksgiving around the corner, this is another excuse to want to begin the indulgence of the holidays.  While

Dispelling Common Myths This Flu Season

tea and used tissues

We’d like to help dispel some common cold and flu myths. Those of us who have had the flu know just how miserable it can be.  While most of us take steps to avoid getting sick, sometimes common advice is actually based on falsehoods. To ensure that this misinformation does not affect our health, here are

We Invite you to Join Us as We Observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

pink breast cancer ribbon

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among females.  My mother was diagnosed over ten years ago and had a problematic mastectomy but she is alive today!  One of my sons has been operated on for breast cancer in both of his breasts. This is deeply

Let’s Go Meatless on World Vegetarian Day

basket of fruits and vegetables

Perhaps We May Save the Planet by Skipping Meat. Today is World Vegetarian Day.  Naturally, this occasion is about educating ourselves about the positives of going meatless and encouraging others to entertain the concept of a meat-free lifestyle.  While many of us cannot see cutting meat out of our diets completely, we can challenge ourselves

Can Pets Improve Our Health?

beagle running in the grass

Studies have suggested that owning pets can help us live longer. Those of us who own pets know just how much our animal friends bring to our lives.  However, many of us may be surprised to know that studies have shown that pets can actually improve our health and may help us live longer.  While