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Debunking Halloween Myths

Happy Halloween! Halloween is the favorite holiday of many, as we get to dress up in costumes which are often a disguise or sometimes a little risqué as well as to indulge in candy. Whether you’re one that avoids black cats on Halloween because you’re still convinced they’re bad luck or simply view the holiday as a candy festival, there are a variety of Halloween myths that must be debunked. Can you determine which of the below are facts and which are myths?

  • The Devil’s holiday is on Halloween – Myth! This is actually a myth most presumably stirred by Christian fundamentalists, as the roots of the holiday are actually pagan rituals.
  • Trick or treating has always been a Halloween tradition – Myth! Trick or treating is actually a tradition that is less than a century old and was first introduced by Americans.
  • Black cats were sacrificed by Satanists in the Medieval Times – Myth! There is no proof of this sacrifice. However, many adoption shelters will put a comfort period before and on Halloween to protect the innocent felines.

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