Had too Much to Drink and Can’t Get Home? Your New Solution!

Even with a designated driver, there is always a risk of not having a ride home at the end of the night. Lounge and restaurant owners admit that 40% of designated drivers will often imbibe, jeopardizing their sobriety. Any indulgence can increase the risk of a DUI or an accident.

A new solution available to California residents, depending on your location, is My Driver. There’s no need to risk a ticket or an accident if you or your designated driver have had a little too much to drink. Call in and find out more about this unique service. Their qualified drivers will pick you up and make sure both you and your car make it home with no scratches, dings or tickets.

Tune into The Maria Sanchez Show for more details about My Driver and Brandie Moses’ unique service. Her staff of drivers will make sure you and your vehicle get safely home without the risk of an accident or a ticket.

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