Grilling Safety Tips for National BBQ Month

close up of man grilling sausage

Here are reminders on how to stay safe when we fire up the grill.

May is National BBQ Month!  In honor of this month, we will most likely spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather and grilling up delicious food and vegetables.  While firing up the grill to cook some burgers and hot dogs seems easy enough, it can actually be quite dangerous if we are not careful.  In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that grilling accidents result in approximately 8,900 home fires annually.  To ensure that we are not putting ourselves, our homes, and our loved ones at risk, here are some of the grilling safety tips that we want to share with you and your loved ones.

  • Grill Outside Away from Structures

Charcoal and gas grills are designed for outdoor use only.  However, statistics from NFPA show that about 27% of home fires begin when someone attempts to use outdoor grills in a courtyard, terrace, or patio.  29% of home fires begin when someone uses a grill on an exterior balcony or open porch.  So, to reduce the chances of setting off a house fire this summer, it’s important that we are careful to set up our grills in open spaces that are far away from our homes.

  • Keep Our Grills Clean

After we have finished cooking, it’s vital to take the time to remove grease buildup from our grill grates and the tray beneath the grill.  This will prevent leftover grease from catching fire the next time we light up our grills.  Those of us using a charcoal grill are advised to allow the coals to cool completely before throwing them away in a metal container.

  • Be Ready to Extinguish a Fire

Anytime we fire up the grill, we need to be ready for the possibility of a fire breaking out. This is why we need to always keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach.   For those of us who do not have a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand next to the grill is helpful in case we need to smother the flames.  For grease fires, never use water as this will make the fire worse.  We can mitigate grease fires with baking powder or flour.

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